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English 1A Craig Lore Essay #1: Autobiography Chapter 2 Autobiography allows us to reflect on an important person or event in our lives. Autobiography is deceptively “easy” to write because the events actually happened to us or the person is someone we know extremely well. But you must consider several challenges to writing a good autobiography: Autobiography is public, not private. So decide what you are willing to share about yourself Your essay must provide some significance for the reader You must make the person or event very vivid so that the reader can imagine the person or the event through the use of narration and description Choose details carefully. Concentrate on the major details and skip minor details. C RITICAL T HINKING W RITING S KILLS Use of narrative, anecdote Use of description, comparison Concentration on a significance to share with the reader L ENGTH F ORMAT 1200 words. Approximately, four pages Use MLA format o Typed, double-spaced. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
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