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Informative “Essay” Instructions: This assignment is not based on writing an essay per se, though what I am looking for is general knowledge and application of informative strategies. You will write an informative speech outline based on a department, club, sorority, or fraternity (any organization) at San Jose State University. This can range from the Game Developers Club, to your very own sorority, to the Disability Resource Center (DRC), to a department that is related to your major of interest. You are to write an entire informative speech outline based on the organization of your choice. You are required to attach AT LEAST two sources. This can be a pamphlet, a
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Unformatted text preview: record of an interview you had with someone from within the organization, a print out of information from the website, etc. Gathering these resources will probably be the most rigorous part of the assignment, so I suggest you start early. The outline should satisfy every component of a speech. o Attention Factors should be clearly labeled (have at least 3). o Supporting Details should be clearly labeled (have at least 3). o Use enumeration and declarative sentences on Main Points. o Don’t forget to establish credibility and state purpose in psychological orientation. o And lastly, no rhetorical questions are allowed for your Attention Getter!!!...
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