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SOCI160_Spring2010 - San Jos State University Immigration...

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San José State University Immigration and Identity SOCI 160 Section 01 Spring 2010 Instructor: Carlos Garcia Office Location: DMH 216 Telephone: (408) 924-5804 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Th 4:30 – 6:00 F 9:00 – 12:30 Class Days/Time: TTh 9:00 – 10:15 Classroom: DMH 161 Faculty Web Page This syllabus is available at: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/carlos.e.garcia/courses/160 Course Description From the course catalogue: Examination of topics related to immigration and population movements. Includes the historical context of major migrations, legal, political, and social issues and debates, opportunities, prejudices, immigrant communities, intergenerational tensions, and social and personal identity pressures. SOCI 1 is a prerequisite for this class. From the instructor: This is a course on the social process of immigration to the United States. It is broken into four different parts. The first part covers the basics in the study of immigration including the history of immigration to the US and the levels of immigration. The second part is about second generation immigrants and looks at how they assimilate to life in America. The third part looks at some social issues relevant to immigration and immigrants including the native population’s attitudes toward immigrants and immigration, undocumented immigration, and new immigrant destinations. The last part of the class draws together most of the concepts we discuss this semester and explores the case of US-Mexico migration. SOCI160_SP2009 1
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Course Goals Read primary source research on immigration. Learn about the size and scope of immigration to the United States. Learn the theories used to explain international movement. Recognize and appreciate the importance of immigrant culture in the assimilation of second generation children. Describe American public opinion toward immigrants. Understand contemporary patterns of immigrant resettlement. Apply course concepts to contemporary immigrant flows. Assignments and Grading Policy Readings: Reading assignments for this class will come from a series of articles and reports that are available online and from two monographs. These assignments should be completed before class and students should be prepared to discuss the readings. Exams: Two exams, worth 50 points each, are scheduled for this course. Exams a will include true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Please note that the final exam will, for the most part, be comprehensive. Theory Exercise: Students will be required to write a narrative where they take one of the immigration theories discussed in class and write a story illustrating its major points. This assignment should be 3-4 pages long and will be worth 25 points. It is due on February 25. Oral Presentation:
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SOCI160_Spring2010 - San Jos State University Immigration...

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