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Psych 107 Integration Assignment Three Worth 25 points Maximum length accepted is 3 pages The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you understand the concepts presented in all of the readings due so far. You will graded on the clarity and accuracy of your responses and the extent to which you support your responses with references to the readings. Thus to receive full points, your responses must be free of grammatical and typographical errors and provide clear explanations of key concepts. To receive full credit, you need to refer to at least five distinct chapters or anthology articles. Responses to the questions should be numbered. Your responses must be typed and double spaced using a standard twelve point black font. In discussing a concept or an example, refer to the chapter or article author (e.g. “According to chapter 4 in the text book,” or “According to Messner,”) Do not use direct quotes or copy sentences directly from your readings or from lecture. On the top left corner, note your name, student ID, class number, and my name. Title
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