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DR. MADIGAN EDSE 192 I. Student Study Teams (SST) SSTs are established within a school to initiate, facilitate, supervise, and evaluate the mainstreaming program for students with special needs. A team may be referred to by many names: the multidisciplinary team, the IEP team, the special services committee, the special education committee, the placement committee, the IEP committee, the educational planning team, the student study team, the prereferral committee, the teacher assistance team, the prereferral team, and others. For students with disabilities, state and federal laws and regulations describe the purpose, responsibilities, and membership of the teams that make educational decisions. The team includes general and special educators, as well as other professionals as needed (school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and school nurses). School administrators and parents are members and students, as appropriate. The major duties of the team are planning, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs for all types of special students and for students being considered for special education and similar services. A coordinated educational plan clearly specifies the responsibilities of each team member. The effective team is characterized by communication and cooperation. Several factors make the mainstreaming teams unique: (1) Each student is considered individually; the recommendations are specific and have direct application to the student’s educational program (2) The team is composed of both general and special educators and other professionals as needed; a multidisciplinary approach
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(3) Team membership varies according to the special needs of the student
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PL94overheads - DR. MADIGAN EDSE 192 I. Student Study Teams...

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