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Research paper topic ideas Here is a list of who has chosen what topic. Please note how I do footnotes. 1 1. Mariam is writing on the evolution of privacy and the constitution. 2. Rob is writing a critique related to privacy, perhaps more specifically on why the concept is inadequate. 3. Markos is focusing on technology and the 4 th amendment. It is a broad but doable topic. There may be some overlap with a couple other papers but it shouldn’t be too much to be too redundant. 2 4. Shemeran is writing on technologies that law enforcement use and the resulting effects on privacy. This may overlap some with Markos but his paper will likely be more broadbased. 5. Luan is writing on automation in law enforcement. 3 6. Kevin is writing on the constitutionality of drug testing and its effects on citizens 4 th amendment privacy rights. 7. Sanda is analyzing the Patriot Act. Doing so will require especially on the law enforcement authority powers and its resulting effect on citizens’ reasonable expectation of privacy. 8. Mariana is writing on the provisions of the Patriot Act that affects privacy 9. Richard is writing on biometric technology’s effects on privacy 10. Matt is writing on geoslavery 11. Ediberto is writing on the Real I.D. act and its effects on society. 12. Alex is writing on electronic voting issues. 13. Gabriel is writing on internet porn 1 Class, I originally wrote the first footnote next to Markos’ topic and when I did, the numbering started at 1. Then I decided to write the first footnote at the top by the text, Please note ho I do footnotes. When I added that entry in front of the one I did for Markos, the program automatically renumbered all the footnotes. It’s so simple that caveman from Geico could even do it! 2
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Sen_Sem_student_papers_and_guidelinesx_fall_2008 - 1...

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