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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH CARE NURS 204, 3 units COURSE DESCRIPTION This course addresses planning for health promotion and disease prevention among diverse populations, providing available, accessible, and culturally competent care for individuals, families, and communities. PREREQUISITE OR CONCURRENT COURSES NURS 200, NURS 202 COURSE OBJECTIVES By the completion of this course, students will demonstrate their ability to: 1. Use demographic, epidemiological, and environmental data in assessing the health status of vulnerable populations within an identified community. 2. Differentiate and compare the variations in health, cultural norms, and health care practices among diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, age, and gender groups. 3. Identify the individual, ethical, and social factors that influence the availability, accessibility, and delivery of health care services for diverse populations, including individuals, families, and communities. 4. Identify the collaborative and leadership skills required for advanced nursing practice within a multidisciplinary and multicultural community context. 5. Design a comprehensive, holistic, and culturally competent program to address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of an identified client population including using relevant technology. 6. Incorporate an understanding of theories and research in designing strategies to promote healthy lifestyles among diverse populations and to empower client populations in attaining and maintaining wellness. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Points 1. In-class and web-based participation /activities/peer presentation evaluation 2 5 2. Brief personal culture self assessment paper 25 3. Vulnerable, culturally distinct, population assessment individual paper 75 based on an ethnic group other than the student’s 4. Individual poster presentation of population in #3 including evaluation of 75 a relevant website 5. Group presentation of a health promotion program designed to meet the needs of identified, culturally distinct, vulnerable populations 100
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NURS 204, rev S 2006 2 TOTAL 300 Class participation (25 points) is an essential activity in understanding the concepts related to collaborative program planning and policy development for health promotion and disease
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Nurs04CourseDesS06 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of...

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