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H170_Outline_Apr26 - Eighteenth Century Tensions II Birth...

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H170 Lecture Outlines (after Midterm break) Slavery and South Carolina , April 5, 2010 African Slave Trade Triangular Trade Conditions in slave ships Charter Generation in British America Cosmopolitan and urban Complicates acculturation model Founding of South Carolina From deerskins and slaves to black rice Forms of slave resistance Stono Rebellion Eighteenth Century Tensions I , April 12, 2010 Population Explosion New immigration patterns Greater ethnic and religious diversity Growing Inequality Land Shortage Movement to frontier Backcountry rebellions Religious Evangelicalism Appeal to natives and slaves George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards
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Unformatted text preview: Eighteenth Century Tensions, II, April 19, 2010 Birth of a Consumer Society Colonial Wealth Colonial consumption Symbols of status Homes and Portraits Civility Rules American Revolution Imperial and internal context Whig ideology (the transformation of Benjamin Franklin) and Loyalist ideology Towards Nat Turner ’ s Rebellion, April 26, 2010 From Anti-Slavery to Abolition Founding of Georgia American Revolution Enlightenment Thought Religious Awakenings: Evangelicals and Quakers Solutions for Slavery Incorporation Thomas Jefferson and Colonization Rebellion Nat Turner: conditions and consequences...
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