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audacity of hope draft 2 - English 1B Section 45 Professor...

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English 1B Section 45 Professor Draegan February 16, 2009 The Audacity of Hope Barack Obama has an uncanny ability to use rhetoric to put the audience in a sense of wonder and awe. He utilizes all available weapons to encourage listeners to understand his perspective. Simply put, his claims are not subject to a single type, they’re a combination of types to make an impact. Everything from historical facts, background stories full of value, and rules and policy issues of how things should be like or can be like are in Obama’s arsenal. He makes sure to use rhetoric to appeal to people’s logic and emotions. In this speech he had a well balanced formula to create support for John Kerry and his presidential endeavor as well as to launch himself into the political spotlight. Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is  pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya.”  Obama starts off by talking about his background. (Mauk 558) The story of his background sets up a claim of the hope which emerges in every corner of America. At first the story is about his grandparents and their son in Kenya, their inspiring immigration story to America and eventually to how they reached Hawaii looking for opportunity. He inserts historical bills and associations that helped his parents make it in this country. Those inserts serve as factual claims so that his story is not just a dream come true for immigrants from Kenya but a solid story to show that utilizing the opportunities given by the American government makes it so that almost anything is Sepassi 2
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possible. His allusions to the G.I. bill and the F.H.A provide solid fact. His gripping story
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audacity of hope draft 2 - English 1B Section 45 Professor...

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