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*Review sheet- Chapter 7 Inman* *Interpretation of **DNA** typing results: * Different Factors *Mixtures*- This occurs when there is more than one human individual has contributed biological material to an evidentiary sample, multiple DNAprofiles may be detected. --sexual assault cases- usually represented by sperm cells and non-sperm cells. The none sperm cells in sexual assault evidence originate from the vaginal epithelium of a female victim termed *epithelial cells* Extractions- If the Differential extraction is successful an analyst can then interpret both types of DNA if it is *unsuccessful* this may lead to patterns with more than two alleles per locus. Y-STRs are also providing to be useful in resolving sexual assault mixtures that for one reason or another have been recalcitrant to standard autosomal analysis. *Non-sexual assault mixtures-* For example, this type of mixture may be found in a crime scene where many people are bleeding. *RFLP *analysis remains the standard for resolving mixtures. This is because so many alleles exist in the population at each locus that individuals rarely share alleles. Y-STRS can also play a role in figuring out mixtures as well. But there is
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Inman_chapter_7_Review_sheet__team_2 - *Review sheet...

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