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Humanities 119A Fall, 2009 Antiquity Studies FIRST WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Humans across time and places all share certain “necessities” of culture, such as a recognition of deity, value distinctions of good/evil, practice of rituals, recognition of the significance of death, the development and use of language and communication generally, and the creation of stories that are essential to cultural identity. But as we have seen, there are notable differences when we examine various cultures as to how these shared necessities are understood and undertaken. For your first written assignment, you will be asked to consider the role of story in the understanding of the culture of Ur and Gilgamesh , and compare and contrast it to the Hebrew culture . Focusing on the readings you have had, develop a response to this question: how do people in a culture come to understand themselves through their god(s)? In your response be sure to address the following:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What are the dominant characteristics of the deities/deity in each culture, according to the readings? 2. How do people interact with deities/deity? 3. What expectations do people have of their gods/god? 4. How might a person of Ur who has lived through the events of the Epic of Gilgamesh perceive himself/herself as an individual and as a member of his/her community? 5. How might a person who escaped Egypt and traveled with those led by Moses as described in Exodus perceive himself/herself as an individual and as a member of his/her community? 6. Lastly, what becomes possible for people in each culture because of their relationship to their deities/deity? In all cases, please support your views with arguments and evidence. If you have questions, please contact me; I am happy to help. DATE DUE: 6 OCTOBER, 2009 LENGTH: 4-5 PAGES, TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED, 10- OR 12-POINT TYPE...
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