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San Jose State University College of Education Dept of Special Education EDSE 192 Mainstreaming the Exceptional Individual Spring, 2005 Instructor: Mary Male, Ph.D. Office Hours: W: 1-4, Th: 1-3 Office: Sweeney Hall 222 Office Phone: 408-924-3720 Email: [email protected] Class Mtg: Thurs 4-7 pm Course Description Exploration of laws, service delivery systems, instructional methods and assessment processes to support inclusion of students with disabilities in regular education environments. Required Texts Friend, M. and Bursuck, W. (2002). Including students with special needs: A practical guide for classroom teachers. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN 0321317742  publisher information Male, M. (2003) Technology for inclusion: Meeting the special needs of all students. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN 10: 0205342205 publisher information Mission Statement – College of Education The Department of Special Education prepares professionals to be competent in educating individuals with special needs from birth to adulthood across a variety of environments. We accomplish this goal in collaboration with faculty members from the Department of Teacher Education; together we promote equity and excellence in our curricula for all our students. Knowledge Base The knowledge base for this course combines an emphasis on laws, policies, and procedures affecting students with special needs (IDEA ’97; California Title 5 regulations) and the research base of effective practices to enhance inclusion and mainstreaming (Villa, Thousand & Thousand, 1995; NEA, 1994; Lewis & Doorlag, 1999) Research-based instructional strategies validated for use in mainstream classes such as cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, metacognitive learning strategies, direct instruction, reciprocal teaching (Armstrong, 1994; Cohen, 1994; Deshler, 1996; Palinscar & Brow, 1984; Putnam, 1998; Vaughn, Bos and Schumm, 1997) along with skills in communication/interpersonal relationships form the foundation of this course. New and promising trends in technology are also addressed (Male, 2003). Prerequisites : Upper division standing or instructor consent CTC Standards : The selection of assignments reflects the California requirements for professional preparation in teaching diverse populations of pupils in the mainstream. Required of each applicant for a clear multiple or single subject teaching credential, an administrative services credential, and the Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Sever Education Specialist Credentials. Core Standard #12 (2042) – Educating Diverse Learners with Disabilities Each candidate demonstrates an understanding and acceptance of differences in culture, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, socio-economic status, lifestyle orientation, language, abilities, disabilities, and aspirations of individual learners. The candidate demonstrates understanding of development and communication differences,
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and uses strategies and techniques that are age appropriate to develop communication skills. Each candidate
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edse192.gs - San Jose State University College of Education...

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