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EX9-10-timeline - All species in our lineage after the...

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Anthropology 12: Exercise 9 and 10 Name_____________________________ Due May 5 (YES WEDNESDAY) This is a two week assignment and will be worth 20 points accordingly. Use the information provided in class, in your text, and on the internet to put together a time-line of Late Miocene-Pleistocene human evolution. Include on the timeline : species, when they lived, where they lived, diagnostic morphologies (that is, characteristics that help us identify the different species), and anatomical and behavioral evidence
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Unformatted text preview: . All species in our lineage after the split with the other great apes should be included. The first half of the assignment (this week’s portion) should be on the period from 7-2 million years or so and should include ALL the species of Australopithecine. The second half of the assignment will start at about 2.5 my (overlapping with the first) and should include all species and subspecies of Hominine. This should provide a good outline of the taxa of Hominidae as well as a good study guide for later....
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