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PSYCH 165 CASE PRESENTATIONS Fall 2007 The final class project is both a classroom presentation and 5-7 page paper. The presentation is worth 50 points and the paper is worth 50 points. For the presentation, you will work in groups of four. Your group may use video, PowerPoint, overheads, demonstrations, vignettes, role playing or any combination of these. Please avoid making lecture type only presentations as the class usually loses interest in these types of presentations. The paper will be 5-7 pages with 3-5 references from legitimate sources. One paper per group will be turned in on the day of your presentation.
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Unformatted text preview: For the case presentation, you will select a fictional or non fictional character with some type of psychological problem or problems from any popular source or personal experience. That character will be described in detail with attention devoted to history, strengths and weaknesses, presenting problems, and diagnosis. Then a comprehensive treatment plan will be devised with each component of the plan following a theoretical base or method. The presentation should be between 10-20 minutes. . Students must fill out an audience assessment form on all presentations to receive 10 credit points....
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