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Chapter_17_Star_stuff - Chapter Summaries Chapter 17 Star...

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Chapter Summaries Chapter 17: Star Stuff (don’t forget to find definitions at the end of the book, in the glossary !!!!!) 1. Low mass star : less than 2 M SUN Intermediate mass star : between 2 & 8 M SUN High mass star: greater than 8 M SUN 2. In general, understand the HR diagram, and all the information it provides. For example, the main sequence info below: The white arrow shows the direction of increasing radius. The HR can tell you: mass, age, radius, surface temp, brightness 3. Mass affects rate of fusion 4. Star clusters and stellar ages 5. Life as a low mass star; stages: protostar, yellow main sequence (core H burning) red giant (inert He core; H shell burning) helium flash helium fusion (3 He 1 C + ENERGY!!) Helium burning star (core He burning) Red giant (inert carbon core; He shell burning H shell burning) Planetary nebulae White dwarf 6. What happens to the Earth when the Sun leaves the main sequence? 7. Life as a high mass star: stages: protostar, blue main sequence (core H burning using CNO Cycle 4 H 1 He + ENERGY !!)
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