EDTE_216_Agenda_10.8.2008 - future. When prompted discuss...

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EDTE 216 – October 8, 2008 AGENDA 5:00-5:30 Pair-Share Show your partner the miscues you decided to have the students listen to. Show how you analyzed the miscues and what you learned from the analysis. Tell what you hoped your student would learn and how it went. Whole Class Discussion 5:30-6:00 Listen to the audio and record miscues. Analyze miscues independently. When prompted discuss your analysis with a partner/or trio. With the whole class compare you analysis that which was posted on-line. 6:00-6:30 Cloze Activities Jig-Saw In a small group review the Cloze activity you’ve received. Discuss what ELA standards might be addressed with the Cloze activity and how it serves as an assessment tool. Decide what from handout and discussion merits sharing with the whole class. Choose a reporter. 6:30-6:40 Break 6:40-7:00 Think Aloud Quick write—briefly describe the context of your think aloud try-it. Record what you learned from the experience, and how you might do the same activity or a revised version in the
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Unformatted text preview: future. When prompted discuss your experience, in a small group. (We’ll count off to form groups.) 7:00-7:30 Students as Initiators of Writing Record thinking in response to questions posted on the wall. 1) What reasons does Carl Anderson give in support on-going assessment of writing? 2) What does Carl Anderson say about developing an assessment lens? 3) What does Carl consider to be traits of an “initiator of writing”? Shared writing—co-create a chart for kinder and primary teachers that can be used to assess students as initiators of writing. 7:30-7:40 Discussion of Case Study 7:40-7:45 Written Reflection HOMEWORK: • Read Andersons’ Assessing Writers, pp. 55-106, about assessing how well students write • Do Try-Its cloze • Do Try-Its assessing students as initiators of writing ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDINGS: • How to analyze miscues • How to use a checklist to assess students as initiators of writing. • How to use cloze for assessment purposes...
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EDTE_216_Agenda_10.8.2008 - future. When prompted discuss...

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