3 Eras History Chart

3 Eras History Chart - Romantic c.1800 to c 1880 Modern...

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3 Eras History Chart Gordon Haramaki, Music 12 Western History Antiquity “Classical” Antiquity The “Middle” Ages Modern Era 776 BC: “Beginning” of Greek History—The First Recorded Olympic Games Late Mid 1300s to 1500 Renaissance Baroque 1600 to 1750 Classical 1720/30 to c.1800 High 1000 to mid 1300s 1330s to 1600
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Unformatted text preview: Romantic c.1800 to c. 1880 Modern 1880— “Pre”-History Ancient Mesopotamia 4,000 BC 753 BC: Founding of Rome 476 AD: Fall of Rome Early 500 AD to 1000 Black Death-1340s Little “Ice Age” Protestant Reformation American Revolution French Revolution World War I World War II...
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