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PI,ATiINING ASSIGNMETIT' Name: Section Time: Your class r Consumer Behavior Data Analysis Homework: Version 3305 This project is a homework assignment. Late assignments will receive no unless accompanied by relevant documentation explaining t.he tardiness. Students are welcome to Lurn the assignment in early to the instructor or to her mailbox (time stamped) in BT 750 (which is open during the work week from 8:OO-noon, and from 13:00-17:00, except. on Fridays when it closes at 16:30). To be eligible for full credit on this assignment, make sure right now that there are 10 sunreys copied doubl-e- sided on 5 sheets of paper attached to this page. Not.ify t.he instructor if there are not 10 surveys. The participant numbers--which are written on the tops of the first pages--may be numbered in sequential order (e.9., ds "1, 2, 3") or they may have graps in the numbering (e.g., \1 2 Orr\ L1 J' J l. On each survey, the instructions the researcher gave to the participants are tlped in italics. Then, the participants' responses are tlped j-n regular f ont. A11 participants were asked to make a l-ist of tasks and chores they intended to complete within 4 weeks. A month later, they were asked to put a \\ + " near the tasks that they completed, an "IP" near the tasks that were in progress, and a \\ 0 / near the tasks that were not yet started. Follow the directions below. A. You will use SPSS to see if there is a statistically significant difference in the responses from males and females. Your assigrnment is to statistically analyze two variables, the number of "IP" tasks (that were
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ConsumerBehDataAnalHW3305 - PI,ATiINING ASSIGNMETIT Name...

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