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September 2, 2008 Global Dimensions of Business Euro Disneyland 1. Walt Disney’s motivation in internationalizing its theme parks to Japan and France was to try and capture new markets. Disney wanted to bring the magic of Disneyland to other parts of the world. They wanted to open new markets and seek higher profits. The Tokyo park was opened before the French park and was much more profitable. Because it was so profitable Disney was not asking themselves if they should open a park in Europe, but where they should open one. They figured that because one was profitable overseas then the other would be too. 2. When Disneyland opened to Tokyo, the Oriental Land managers wanted to have a mirror image of Disneyland in California. For the most part they did not use a local responsiveness strategy. They had to open a Japanese restaurant so that the older guests could be accommodated. They had to cover more areas because of the soggy weather in
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Unformatted text preview: Japan. When Euro Disneyland was opened they had agreed to hire mostly French people to operate the park. The management had to deal with hiring new people and enforcing the dress code and getting all the employees to smile and be polite, something that Disney has been known for. On opening day the park was nearly empty because the local radio stations were telling people to stay away from the Disney area because of traffic. The French listened and the opening day had less than 25,000 people attend. The lines were very short for all the rides. Management learned that the French hate standing in line. They want their own space. Each park had its own problems that needed to be dealt with. Each park tried to replicate what was here in California. They did not adapt to the new culture they were going to enough. There should have been more research on what each culture liked and disliked....
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