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1 San Jose State University Department of Anthropology Instructor ANTH 115 Office Hours Dr. William Reckmeyer Emerging Global Culture MW 10:00-12:00; 2:30-3:00 CL 465 Spring 2009 Teaching Assistant 408-924-5342 (SJSU) W 6:00-8:45 PM Kim Pham WSQ 004 Course Website Course Description This is an undergraduate course for people who are interested in learning more about the nature of the emerging global culture of the early 21st century and mix of critical issues that are shaping humanity's future. It is a general education course that is open to upper- division students and satisfies the requirements for SJSU Studies Area V (courses meeting areas R, S, and V must be taken from three different departments). We will explore global- ization and the factors that are forging human societies into an increasingly interconnected world. Of particular interest is the interplay between global and local interests as evolving changes affect different cultures, regions, and sectors of our planet. We will place special emphasis on a systems approach to understanding social complexity and change. Course Learning Objectives The goals of this course are to help people learn how to think more strategically about broader issues and the planet as a whole, appreciate multiple perspectives on complicated matters, work with others to address common concerns, and act in ways that make the world a better place for all to live. Specific objectives include: developing a better sense of the big picture, an interest in shaping humanity’s future, and the basic leadership skills required for meaningful change clarifying the nature of cultural systems, societal development, environmental concerns, and the evolution of political economies around the world exploring the role of trade and technology in the modern world, their effect on different cultures, and their pivotal role in the emerging global culture learning how to critically analyze underlying assumptions, address issues from different perspectives, and comprehend shifting worldviews Our primary focus throughout the course will be on improving participants’ ability to think globally and act locally in more effective and responsible ways, through the use of selected systemic teaching-learning strategies.
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2 Course Format and Requirements This is an undergraduate course that will be participatively designed and implemented by the class as a whole. We will spend the first two weeks clarifying the nature of systemic teaching-learning and organizing our course work. Most of the semester will be devoted to addressing selected topics through presentations by the instructor and outside experts; read- ing and discussion assigned materials; and a variety of other classroom activities. The last
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ANTH_115_Greensheet_x2_2009_02_11 - San Jose State...

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