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Workshop Evaluation Results

Workshop Evaluation Results - SJSU Spring 2010 Comm...

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SJSU Spring 2010 Comm 115P/241R Dr. Spano/mh Dialogue Facilitation Workshop Evaluation Dialogue & Diversity Workshop April 8, 2010 Quantitative measures scale (1—Strongly disagree to 5—Strongly agree) 1. The workshop increased my understanding of diversity dialogues. I am more comfortable being involved in dialogues around difference. MEAN 4.43 STD 0.59 RANGE 4-5 2. The workshop gave me tools to design and facilitate diversity dialogues. I feel comfortable organizing and facilitating dialogues around difference. MEAN 4.24 STD 0.85 RANGE 2-5 3. The workshop was well organized/designed effectively. MEAN 4.48 STD 0.59 RANGE 3-5 4. The trainers were well prepared and helpful. MEAN 4.39 STD 0.72 RANGE 3-5 5. Overall, I found the workshop to be effective. MEAN 4.54 STD 0.58 RANGE 3-5 6. What did you enjoy most about the workshop? What worked the best? Themes Group discussion, interaction with people, diversity of the groups and perspectives Role play Multiple people presenting Facilitation techniques 1
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SJSU Spring 2010 Comm 115P/241R Dr. Spano/mh Organization, food Participants’ comments The discussion that followed the resource Guide. Almost everyone participated in the discussion w/in my group. Lunch was great + the snacks too. To see SJSU role play and Shawn interaction. Dialogue design small group activity I enjoy hearing everyone's opinions about dialogue. I like the fact that everyone speaks clearly. I enjoyed interacting with the different people here, they were all very nice and helpful. Working in the small group worked the best. Great professor (Shawn)—very easily understood and great staff of student facilitators Explanation of systemic questioning. Various techniques to address opinions in a neutral state. Engaging City coworkers and students at the same time. I like the role play of the students and the dissection of the role play Being able to apply the skills learned The slideshow/organization Comfortable, accepting, and inclusive atmosphere Food was excellent! Small group work & the dialogue! Also, I consider myself to be a fairly good communicator, but the facilitation portion really pushed me beyond my comfort zone. In a good way!
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