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HIST 99 DON Second Paper Assignment “Did President Kennedy Effectively Manage the Cuban Missile Crisis?” Taking Sides: Issues in American History, Volume II, Reconstruction to the Present, 13th ed. (Guilford, Connecticut: McGraw-Hill, 2003), 290-305. In this assignment, you will read excerpts from two historians who answer the question: Did President Kennedy Effectively Manage the Cuban Missile Crisis? They answer yes and no. In the seminar next week, I will want you to unpack the respective arguments (similar to the way we unpacked the two conference papers), and then make an argument for which excerpt is more persuasive. The ultimate goal is to write a 5-page paper in which you make an argument for which interpretation is more persuasive. The 5-page paper has the same parameters as the first paper. In this paper, you should have at least three other sources, which may be JStor articles or reput- able education websites. There will be three deadlines in the preliminary work package for this
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