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H170_Refl_Paper_Apr29 - Guidelines for Reflective Essay(20...

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1 Guidelines for Reflective Essay (20% of final grade) Spring 2010, History 170 Description You will use this paper to think through three to four centuries of American violence. Begin by choosing a specific post-1831 riot or revolt that interests you and that you can find good research material about. You will use this riot to reflect on the development/transformation/evolution of American society by the nineteenth or twentieth century. As much as possible, I want you to find connections (and disconnections) between your riot and previous incidents of violence. You may want to think about the following kinds of questions: Does this riot show continuity with previous conflicts? Or discontinuity? Think in terms of the following themes: o Race Natives, Blacks, new ethnicities o Religion Protestant/Catholic o Use of moral economy o Use of Whig ideology o Use of violence o Suppression of violence? o City o Rural What kinds of conditions or forces drive this riot as compared to riots in earlier periods? What kinds of punishments are possible? What are the motives of the rioters? Are they more or less likely to be successful than previous rioters? Is it harder or easier to organize collective resistance? Is your riot part of a chain of riots or a unique incident? What does the locale (the city, town, or neighborhood) have to do with the riot? How does the timing of the riot matter? Very recent riots do not make the best topics, since there will be few scholarly articles or books available. Spend an hour or two doing some preliminary research to make sure that your topic is viable even before you submit your topic. Think about themes or issues that interest you most. Some potential but by no means exclusive “riot” themes or topics include the following: religion, labor, race, class, urban vs. rural violence, political violence, vigilantism, and lynching. Do not try to do this assignment in a weekend. You have many weeks to work on the project, and most of that time is to allow you to read about and think about the significance of your topic. The best papers will be those that are most thoughtfully composed.
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2 Four Deliverables First , Riot topic : Due 3/15 If you do not choose a topic by this time, you will force me to assign a riot that holds no interest for you. Note that we are scheduled to visit the library on 3/1 so you can do preliminary research. You will hand in one paragraph that includes the following information:
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H170_Refl_Paper_Apr29 - Guidelines for Reflective Essay(20...

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