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Opening Self-Reflection: Setting forth your goals MUSE JWSS 96FQ One page, typed, 12 pt. font Dr. Harrison Due Sept 3, 2009 As you draft your self-reflection, consider the following questions: What is important to you in life? What do you value and enjoy? What goals have you set for yourself here at SJSU? How do these goals connect with what’s important to you in life, with what you value and enjoy? Now, break down your goals into their first, manageable part: What part of your college goals do you expect to achieve this semester? What steps will you take to reach this semester’s goals? How will you measure whether you’ve succeeded at these goals? Guiding questions for today’s class on US history: Rosenbergs, New Left, Reagan 1. Explore the timeline: what else was going on in the US when the Rosenbergs were arrested? What can you surmise about the political climate in the US at that time that might have led to their arrest?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Why might the Rosenbergs (and other Jews) have felt an allegiance with the American Communist party? 3. In what ways might his Jewishness have impacted Judge Kaufman’s decision? 4. Why do YOU think the Rosenbergs were sentenced to death? 5. Why do you think Jews were drawn in such large numbers toward Civil Rights activism? (1.5 % of Americans are Jews; ½ to 2/3 of Mississippi Summer volunteers were Jewish.) 6. What are the values of the New Left? What was the Jewish involvement in it? 7. Try to reconcile the three key activist issues in 1967: anti-war (Vietnam), black power, and the Six-Day War in Israel. In what ways did they become incompatible? 8. What role did the Equal Rights Amendment play in the “culture war” of the 1970s? 9. What are the values of the New Right? What is the role of the Religious Right in it? 10. What values guided Reagan’s political strategies?...
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