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PUBLIC SECTOR LABOR RELATIONS, PADM 295 Instructor Ronald D. Sylvia Office: Clark Hall 404M Office hours: Monday: 3:30 to 5:30 and after class on Saturday Phone (408) 924-5553 E-Mail: [email protected] COURSE GOALS: Students will gain a working knowledge of the history and development of public sector labor relations in the United States. Students will develop basic skills in contract negotiations from position formulation, to bargaining strategies, to presenting an arbitration argument. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of managing under a labor contract and a working knowledge of public employee rights under labor agreements. Students will gain a working knowledge of the dispute resolution process in labor management relations. Students will become conversant with the criteria by which public employee disputes are resolved whether under a labor contract or in a merit system hearing. This course is a seminar, as such, it simply will not work without the active good faith participation of students. Your are therefore expected to have read each of the class assignments before class. This is especially true of the case studies assigned for each week. Early on in the class we will discuss the history and development of labor relations in the Untied States. This discussion will consist of a good deal of lecture. Beginning in the third class session, however, will begin negotiating a labor contract.
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Case Analyses: In the course of the class, you will read various arbitration cases that are linked in the syllabus that we will discuss in class. When called upon, you will be expected to: provide a summary of the facts in the case, the basis of the decision and how the arbitrator ruled in the matter and or provide your opinion on the appropriate ruling You will individually be responsible for preparing a written analysis of three (3) of the
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