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H170_rev_KTerm_Final - Homestead Ethic Features of...

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H170 Key Terms - For Final Exam March 1, 2010 (Week 5) English privateering Push factors for English expansion in the sixteenth century Sir Walter Raleigh’s goals Lessons from Roanoke Island March 8, 2010 Advantages of Barbados Settlement From Servitude to Slavery in Barbados during the 17 th century Privateers and Planters in Jamaica Praying towns of New England March 15, 2010 King Philip’s War (1676) New England Paradoxes New England “linkages” Labor Problem in Virginia Powhatan Land Problem in Virginia Bacon’s Rebellion April 5, 2010 Fixed melancholy Charter generation “colony’” of a colony Black rice Ads for slave runaways and slave sales Black Resistance before Stono Rebellion April 12, 2010 Eighteenth century migrations to British America Time, Space and the evolution of African-American societies Quaker beliefs (in comparison to Puritans)
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Unformatted text preview: Homestead Ethic Features of backcountry rebellions Evangelicals vs. Rationalists “Devil twitch my cloaths” “loathsome insect over fire” April 19, 2010 “provinim” in the eighteenth century Staples vs. Consumer Model Status in Colonial Society Americanization through Anglicization Transformation of Benjamin Franklin Colonial justification for rebellion Revolutionary (or Whig) Ideology Loyalist ideology April 26, 2010 Anti-slavery in Georgia Three Conditions for anti-slavery thought American tradition of the jeremiad Jefferson’s thoughts on slavery and anti-slavery Conditions for Nat Turner’s Rebellion Consequences of Nat Turner’s Rebellion (north and south) Gradual and Immediate Abolitionism May 3, 2010 Film: Opposing views on Nat Turner novel Film: William Styron’s Defense...
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H170_rev_KTerm_Final - Homestead Ethic Features of...

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