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Final Exam Study Guide SP10 - Study Guide Final Exam SP10...

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Study Guide Final Exam SP10 Final Exam Preparation Bring a Blue book to the Final The exam will cover material presented since the midterm with only a few previous issues or concepts revisited. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions divided between basic definitions, nomenclature and skill sets, and higher order concepts or theories of archaeology. There will be short answer questions probing for your grasp of specific concepts. Case studies 1-3 (Specific content and scientific approach illustrated) Easter Island Maritime Archaic La Belle Readings in Annual Editions Central issues NAPRA NHPA section 106 Text Chapters 7, 8, 9 Archaeological dating methods Reconstructing the past Understanding the past Concepts Cultural Ecology Analogy Ideology and cosmology Particularistic studies Fieldwork logistics (mostly a revisit of concepts from chapters 4,5,6) How to do archaeology and the legal/ethical issues associated with it. Definitions and applications: Micromorphology Diffusion Multivariate strategy Dating systems and when they should be used/work best Interpretive frameworks: Processual approach Culture Historic approach ANTH13 Exam scheduled for 7:15 am. We will begin at 7:30. No one will be admitted to the exam after 8:00 am.
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Final Exam Study Guide SP10 - Study Guide Final Exam SP10...

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