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10/3/06 Section 16 Callaway American History X American History X is a movie which can be controversial. A lot of the ideas expressed in the film are considered to be hatred and racism. The movie includes a family which lives in Venice, California. The main character is Danny, who is the youngest son of the family. It shows much of his life looking up to his brother and following him around. The older brother, Derek, is very narrow-minded. He lives his life and his ideals similar to a white supremacist. Most of the movie, Derek is not even wearing a shirt. Furthermore, he is a tattoo of a large black swastika on the left center of his chest. Throughout the movie as the characters continue their life, they encounter many racial confrontations. Derek takes his actions farther than anyone at the beginning of the film. A very powerful scene was watching Derek shoot and kill two of the three black people breaking into his car in the middle of night. Derek shows no signs of hesitation and immediately tries to kill them all. Later during a basketball game on the public courts,
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