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March 9, 2009 English 100WB Global Pharmaceuticals In regard to global trade, pharmaceuticals are not controlled when it comes to who is allowed to produce them. It takes an enormous amount of work to invent a new drug. The person, or company, that invents the new drug deserves the right to make a profit on that drug because of the effort put into it. I think that there are times when the company should give the drug to countries that are not able to purchase it or at least sell it to them at cost. For example, companies should give medicine for the AIDS epidemic in Africa because the people there can’t afford it. This would change the lives of so many unfortunate people. There are some companies now, in other countries, that produce drugs that are copyrighted here in the United States. They make them and bring them to Africa but the rightful owners of this technology don’t get any compensation for the
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Unformatted text preview: drugs that they invented. I think that it is, for the most part, intellectual property infringement. I don’t think that this is right either because the wrong people would be profiting from another persons efforts. As of right now, most medical company’s main focus is profits. If they focused more on helping the planet and the human race there would be a lot less deaths, especially in Africa. America does not realize how great lucky we are. For the most part, all Americans have access to some form of medical attention when they need it. There are many countries, mostly third world countries, that don’t even have medical options to choose from. If the medical companies were interested in more than just profits, they could at least donate money to help build hospitals for these deprived people. Word count: 294...
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