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Prerequisite Mathematical Skills for Entering Precalculus – Spring 2008 In order to successfully begin your Precalculus course, you must have a sound knowledge of certain mathematical skills and concepts. I have identified the items in the following list as those fundamental skills and concepts that all entering Precalculus students must possess. I assume that if you are taking this class, then you meet the following minimum standards of mathematical prerequisite knowledge. I encourage you to evaluate your own skills and knowledge against the following minimum standard, and to work at eliminating any deficiencies before starting Precalculus or as soon as possible after starting Precalculus. Schaum’s Outline of College Algebra is a good reference for these skills. Some of these skills also appear in Appendix A and Chapter 1 of Precalculus, 8 th edition , by Sullivan (the Math 19 course textbook). 1. Real Numbers a. Carry out basic arithmetic calculations , especially those involving fractions and radicals. b. Understand and use percent in context. c. Compare and order rational numbers expressed as fractions and/or decimals . d. Solve problems involving fractions and/or decimals in context . e. Interpret and use ratio and proportion in context . f. Use estimation appropriately . g. Evaluate and estimate square roots . h. Identify and plot real numbers on a number line . i. Determine the absolute value of any real number. j. Represent sets of real numbers (such as those that satisfy inequality or absolute value statements) using interval notation, inequality notation, or a graph. k. Understand the nature of closed, open, half-open, and half-closed intervals. l. Determine the distance between any two real numbers, computationally and graphically. m. Be familiar with the important algebraic properties of the real number system (order, associativity, commutativity, identity, inverse, distributivity, zero- product). n. Write a number as a product of factors. 2. Algebraic Expressions a. Understand the meanings and roles of constants and variables . b. Evaluate and interpret algebraic expressions for given values of the variable(s). c.
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GenInfo2_Prerequisite_Skills - Prerequisite Mathematical...

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