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KIN Campus Research Project

KIN Campus Research Project - c Ask about resources on...

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KIN Campus Research Project Sections 04 and 06 1. Students will be assigned to small diverse groups. 2. Working in small groups, students will ask each other about: a. Campus resources, including (a) social (e.g., social clubs), (b) educational (e.g., writing workshops, learning skills center, (c) cultural, (d) recreational (e.g., intramural sports, drama), (e) scholastic (e.g., honor societies), (f) mental health (e.g., counseling center, disabilities support services), (g) occupational (e.g., career placement), and (h) miscellaneous (categories I have forgotten) resources. Ask questions that are both open ended (e.g., name resources that you have used, like etc,) and specific (i.e., a-h if any have not been listed). b. Ask about resources that the students wished were available or not. Also ask why they do or do not make use of the available resources.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Ask about resources on campus they believe are vital for new students to learn about and use. 3. Working together and using the responses from above, students will devise a resource that enhances development in all four domains and that could be used post-graduation for continued lifespan development. a. Why did you chose this resources? b. The name of the resource you created? c. The target audience and the mission statement of the resource? d. How does the resource provide student enrichment? e. What domain does it fall into? f. What type of student would benefit most? 4. Each student should turn in an INDIVIDUAL paper discussing the resources created. This paper should be typed, double spaced and written using APA format. The length should be 2-3 pages and written in paragraph form. Write in essay format, do not "just answer the questions."...
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