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Notebook 9 - Notebook 9 Due Wednesday April 14—please...

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Unformatted text preview: Notebook 9 Due Wednesday, April 14—please include one piece of in-class writing and upload to turnitin. Poetry invoives building imagery through the use at language, and one way to began to tap into this ability is to play word-association games. I wouid like you to go to the dictionary, or a book (or several books), open it, and copy down the first word youvsee. if you don’t like the word, discard ‘rt and do the exercise again. Write down the word. Do this exercise four times, so that eventually you wilt have five words you at least reasonably like. if you have words that are powerful or meaningful to you, you are welcome to use these instead of trying to search them out. When you have finished, use each word in turn as a starting place for a piece of freewriting, 5—1.0 . minutes per word. Your writing need not make sense,- it need not "stay” with the meanings assOciated with the word; it may meander into strange or unfamiliar places. This is pa rt of the writer’s mythic iourney (and yes, fear, and wanting to ask, “Can I do this?” are normal. Thinkvof how many times the main characters in myths and fairy tales need’vto ask permission of a gatekeeper, or feel afraid, as they continue their quest). ' You will thus freewrite for ije‘to ten minutes for each word. Try to freewrite without stopping yourself. You may find you want to make iists, ”cluster/'Or do Some other form of non~linear writing. This is perfectly okay. The point is trying to over-ride the inner censor/critic. l would like you to type and submit as much of the freewriting as you feel is appropriate for me to see. Have fun with this—there is truly no right or wrong with this exercise! ...
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