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JS 112021710Announcements and Assignments

JS 112021710Announcements and Assignments - JS 112 I 021710...

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JS 112 021710 Announcements and Assignments I. Announcements a. Dr. Sudhir Sinha- Forensic DNA Casework Experience- A Biotech Success Story b. Next Monday 22 and Weds 24 February- video and on line assignments. Lee will be at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting in Seattle. Monday you will watch The Hunt DNA in class with Lauren Buban TA c. Here are the questions you will answer and turn in to Lauren Buban. One set of answers to be turned in per team on 22 Feb 2010 You will need to sign the top of the sheet with each person’s name and student no for credit Answer all the questions below Names________________________________________________________________________ 1. Name 5 different types of evidence that were utilized in the video. 2. Describe 1 error that you observed that occurred in the film in any aspect of investigation, crime scene management, collection, documentation or preservation. 3. What other types of evidence might you have looked for in the crime scenes? Wednesday- No class but you have an assignment to watch CSI NY, observe and list errors
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