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Applied Vs Classical

Applied Vs Classical - Applied Martial Arts Versus...

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Applied Martial Arts Versus Classical Martial Arts Classical martial arts (also called traditional martial arts by some) consist of the techniques of a given martial arts style which are passed down as part of customary training in order to impart fundamental lessons of the style, as well as preserve the style so that it does not become diluted by time and the transmission of the art from teacher to student over many generations. The classical techniques, while often formal and appear impractical, also contain a number of applications which are particular to the style’s combative strategy and philosophy. They are built into the style’s basics and forms training so that they can later be ‘unpacked’ into students as the style is taught. These applications form the basis of the style’s practical defensive skills, or applied techniques. In many schools, applied technique is not taught immediately to beginning students for a number of reasons: Traditional instructors often feel a responsibility to preserve the teachings of their style, and start with classical training in order to ensure that every student has the correct foundation prior to moving on. Pragmatic instructors often teach classical techniques first for safety reasons classical techniques re quire a greater range of motion and allow a student’s coordination and balance to develop before placing more rigorous demands upon them.
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