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Math 19 Homework Assignments Unit 3: Linear and Quadratic Functions Each homework assignment below should be completed to the best of your ability by the due date. The given reading, note- taking, exercises, and problems for each homework assignment represent the bare minimum of what you should be doing in this class. If you find yourself struggling, then you will need to do much more than what is given. These homework assignments will be your primary means of learning mathematics in this course. Although the reading and note-taking are important, don’t get bogged down in it. The most important thing you can do to help yourself learn and understand mathematics is to do lots of mathematics exercises and problems . Once you are done with reading and note-taking for a homework assignment, then all the rest of your time should be devoted to doing exercises and problems. When you study for a quiz or exam in this class, you should be doing exercises and problems, not re-reading the textbook or your notes
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