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ARGUMENT #3 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE PROPOSITION OF PUBLIC POLICY Worth 100 Points Purpose Time to utilize everything you’ve learned so far this semester and to prepare you for the SJSU intramural debate. You will once again team up with a partner and debate against another team on a policy proposition. The four of you will develop a proposition of public policy using an empowered agency and the words “should/should not.” Your policy needs to address all stock issues, harms, ills, etc. Your policy also needs to propose a specific plan of action/solution dealing with the issue you have selected (approved in advance by me). You will then work with your partner to develop a case (affirmative) and offcase (negative). Remember the Government team works as the advocates in proposing change of the status quo including various planks in the solution. The Opposition teams refutes the Government team by minimizing harms and keeping the status quo or offering a counter solution that also includes all planks. Requirements
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Comm._40_Parly_Directive_Sheet - ARGUMENT #3 PARLIAMENTARY...

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