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TA 201: Theoretical Perspectives in the Performing Arts Dr. Alison McKee Spring 2007 Three Assignments: Term Paper (due Friday, May 18 at noon in my box in HGH 100) Statement of Intent (due April 9) Annotated Bibliography for Term Paper (due April 9) Term Paper: Length: 10-12 pages, excluding Works Cited page Because this paper is worth 40% of your semester grade and the goal is to write a critical essay with the potential for publication, you will need to identify, research, and shape your topic as early as possible in the semester. Very general guidelines: Identify a specific theoretical issue at stake in the performing arts or the media and analyze it in terms of its historical development or critical application. Obviously, you will need to narrow further, creating an argument about a topic that interests you and finding a method with which to construct that argument. You will need to clear your topic with me in advance, and I will schedule appointments later in the semester with each of you. Suggestions for topics (but
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Assignments_Term Paper_Statement_Bibliography - TA 201:...

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