Sibley - Frank Sibley "Aesthetic Concepts"...

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Frank Sibley “Aesthetic Concepts” selection from the article of the same name 1959. “Frank Sibley (1923-1996) was a British philosopher who worked mainly in the field of aesthetics. He was a professor of philosophy at Lancaster University. Sibley is best know for his 1959 paper "Aesthetic Concepts" ( Philosophical Review , 68), and for "Seeking, Scrutinizing and Seeing" ( Mind , 64, 1954). Both papers (and some others) have been anthologized, "Aesthetic Concepts" multiple times. Sibley has been considered an important contributor to Aesthetics in the analytical tradition. His collected papers, including some posthumous, were published by Oxford University Press in 2001 as Approach To Aesthetics , together with a companion volume of critical and evaluative essays on his work.” Wikipedia entry accessed 2/10/09 1. Aesthetic terms include: unified, balanced, integrated, lifeless, serene, somber, dynamic, powerful, vivid, delicate, moving, trite, sentimental, tragic, “telling contrast,” “sets up a tension,” etc. 1.1. includes terms used both by laymen and professionals 2. Often people with normal intelligence and senses to not have the sensitivity to apply such terms: and even intelligent people may not see that something is, for example, graceful. 2.1. Taste or sensitivity (when it is wide-ranging and refined) is somewhat rarer than other human abilities. 2.2. Maybe this is why disputes over application of aesthetic terms often go unsettled. 2.3. Yet, almost everyone can exercise taste to some degree. 3. We often support our attribution of aesthetic terms by referring to other aesthetic features: e.g., this is dainty because it is delicate 3.1. This is like saying someone is intelligent because inventive, etc. 3.2. Often we support attribution of the term by referring to things that do not
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Sibley - Frank Sibley "Aesthetic Concepts"...

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