chapter 7 and midterm review 1

chapter 7 and midterm review 1 - 12 Integration of wireless...

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Review for Midterm 1 for Business 188 1. WE are in the 2 nd of 5 stages in technology – on the up and coming. 2. Telecommunications – transmission of data over public (internet, anyone can see it) or private (secure) network. 3. Network – bunch of computers connected together. 4. LAN – 5. MAN – cross the street 6. WAN – cross the city or state 7. VoIP – Voice-over Internet Protocol - originally “circuit switching”, then became VoIP…. . Breaks your voice into a little data packet and then transports it over the internet and then is converted into voice signals. Made it come first in the priorities to be sent over the network. Allows for higher capacity, 8. Virtual Private Network – virtual tunnel then traffic is channeled through that tunnel. 9. Bandwidth – the number of lanes 10. Internet Connection – wireless, cables, dial-up, twisted pair, satellite, fiber optic, coaxial, Bluetooth, microwaves, infrared, 11. Mobile technology – cellular phones to digital to wide-band….
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Integration of wireless and cellular – all cellular are wireless, wireless is limited to an area. Wireless is more like a home connection. Cellular is 13. Satellite – another form of communication – huge computer that receives signals and sends them back. 14. GPS – 24 satellites that allow us to postion. 15. Mobile Trends – wireless on airplanes, wireless in coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, etc. 16. WiMAX – city 17. Social Networking – Review – 1. Value chain 2. Strategy 3. Dtamining 4. Business process 5. 5 forces model – strategy to increase buyrer power to 6. Internet models 7. Generic strategies 8. Business process reengineering 9. Enterprise architechture 10. Bus process modeling 11. 10 questions from every chapter 12. 5 from last 2 chapters 13. Web services 14. Databases – primary – data cleansing 15. Value added network = private network 16....
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chapter 7 and midterm review 1 - 12 Integration of wireless...

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