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1. The main audience are students or anyone who is willing/interested to learn how to improve their writing 2. Fairly structured in the sense of writing a paper. Talks about from the start of the paper to the end and then talks about improvements. If it made perfect sense I would have remembered most of it but sadly I haven’t 3. The book is more informal and it was an easy read. 4. Yeah I guess but it can be misleading since its mostly about creative writing.
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Unformatted text preview: Book Review Looks at-Quality-Strength/weakness-Significance-How well the author succeeds-Backed up with evidence Structure-Brief description of authors aim, purpose-Outline of thesis/bias-Detailed assessment about the authors main points/contentions-Evaluate the books major strengths/weaknesses-Survey of other-Where does it fit in the literature-Include personal response in the review....
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