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Final Project Draft #1 Due: ___________________ The focus of this 3-page draft is to develop a clear introduction and thesis statement . At this point you also need to know which of the final project options (autoethnography, media criticism, literature review, book review, manual) you are using. Some other elements you may also want to explain in this paper include: how you plan to structure the paper, and your target audience (i.e. who may find this paper useful/relevant). It is
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Unformatted text preview: also strongly recommended that you read over the final project options handout on the class website and use the prompts (questions) to help guide your writing. What you choose to write in the rest of the three pages is up to you—do whatever you find most useful to you and your project. I will evaluate this paper on the clearly stated thesis and introduction. Enjoy the journey! 10 points possible...
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