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1 Guidelines for Interpretive Essays History 170, Spring 2010 February, 2010 Format for each installment Times, 12 One-inch margins on all sides One-sided Double-spaced Specify a title for each paper Description You will submit this paper in two installments. The first installment is 2-3 pages and is worth 10% of your grade. The second installment is 4-5 pages and is worth a second 10% of your grade. You will use a total of five primary sources to write the two papers. Note that you can retroactively improve your first grade based on your performance on the second paper (details below). Due March 22 : For the first installment, address the following question using only the primary sources assigned in class: What kinds of conditions (or motives) created violent conflict in sixteenth or seventeenth-century America? o Choose two primary sources to write this paper. Due May 10 : For the second and final installment, you will revise and extend the first paper. Address both the following questions using the primary sources assigned in class: What kinds of conditions (or motives) created violent conflict in eighteenth-century America? How are these related to conflicts in the earlier period? o Choose three additional primary sources to extend your paper. o You must attach the first version of your paper (with my comments) so I can assess your improvements accurately. What are the steps to extending and finalizing my interpretive essay? Identify sources (five total) Create Outline include dates in outline Edit/rewrite first paper based on feedback Extend the paper (4-5 pages) Rewrite introduction Write a new conclusion Proofread and edit Email for feedback Submit final paper
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2 What is the list of primary sources I can use? Before the eighteenth century: Cortes Paul le Jeune John Winthrop Mary Rowlandson Thomas Harriot John White After the eighteenth century: Stono Rebellion (sources from book) Hannah Heaton Jonathan Edwards Whitefield to slaveholders Runaway slave ads Civility rules Transformation of Benjamin Franklin (portraits) Nat Turner Confessions as recorded by Thomas Gray What are two examples of a paper using five sources? Example 1 : First installment Native-settler conflict John Winthrop (1630) Mary Rowlandson (1676) Example 1: Full installment Slaveholder-slave conflict Stono sources (1739) Runaway slave ads (1760s and 1770) Nat Turner’s Rebellion (Confessions) – (1831)
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