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Dr. Soo Choi Anth146 TTh4:30 12/12/08 Book Review of Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl The life of Aman makes a very compelling story that should appeal all readers to imagine how she felt given a certain point in her life. The book, Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl, makes engages listeners to the tale of a Somali woman recounting her youth as she begins in a colonized country, then gaining independence, and finally reaching into a modern era. Through the story, Aman reenacts much of her childhood in the form of a story. The book was written and told by Virginia Lee Barnes and Janice Boddy. The narrative style makes for an easy read because there is much to pay attention to when reading. The descriptive passages of imagery allow for readers to picture what it was like for Aman to go through all that she did. The authors did a magnificent job of incorporating Aman’s emotions throughout the book, which makes readers appeal to her character and want to read more. Sure enough, the story can also be depressing at times; however, the truth must be told and Aman’s story must be heard. Aman demonstrates taking after her mom, because of the love she has for such a strong independent mother. Aman’s mother definitely plays a huge role in shaping Aman into the person she is. There are detailed descriptions and dramatic stories about her female circumcision, her impossible relationship with an Italian boy, her first failed marriage, her first sexual encounters, unhappy love, night-life in the city of Mogadishu, and the affairs and infidelity as she resorted to prostitution. The novel includes many themes to consider, so I have gone ahead to discuss three themes I have derived from the story of Aman. The first theme is based on the patrillineal kinship which she shares so dearly with her mother. The
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second theme I will discuss is how Aman persevered and managed relationships, even at the harshest times. Finally, Aman’s wit is another great theme because we, as readers, can
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aman book review - Dr. Soo Choi Anth146 TTh4:30 12/12/08...

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