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Stepsister from Planet Weird Film Review Ever wonder what would happen if you encountered a teenage alien? Well, human and teenager Megan Larson was lucky enough to have an alien as a stepsister. However she did not know her stepsister, Ariel, was an alien. All Megan wanted in her life was to have a perfect life with both parents, a sweet little brother, and be popular with the most popular guy as her boyfriend. But little did she know that her soon to be stepdad and stepsister are not only queer, but from a different planet! Unfortunately, Megan does not suspect anything out of this world from Ariel; only that Ariel has been outshining everyone in school. Nevertheless, Ariel was just being herself – intelligent and weird – but hating Earth. To Megan’s surprise, Ariel’s wierdness gained her popularity. They soon grow to hate eachother and decided to work together in order to separate their parents. In the process, Megan realized Ariel’s true identity and in turn helped her future alien family in overcoming their alien enemies. After defeating the
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