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HISTORY 210b—SPRING 2010 UNITED STATES HISTORY, 1780-1900 Hill ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES DUE MAY 13 This writing assignment, worth 25 percent of the course grade, will be a typed (double-spaced) annotated bibliography of approximately ten to twelve pages. For each of the eight books required for this course, provide complete citation data (generally, historians use University of Chicago/Turabian style). Summarize the source in a paragraph, provide at least one paragraph evaluating the source’s significance or contribution to its particular field, and at least one additional paragraph evaluating the source’s usefulness/relevance for those studying the history of the United States. For each source the bibliography should include:
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Unformatted text preview: a complete citation (sources should be cited in alphabetical order) a narrative paragraph summarizing the contents of the source an analytical paragraph(s) on the significance of source an analytical paragraph(s) on the usefulness/relevance of source Criteria by which your work will be evaluated include: the accuracy of the summary, analytical rigor, use of specific evidence/examples from chosen readings, clarity, and use of appropriate academic style. Direct quotations and statistics should be followed by page numbers in parentheses. Use gender neutral language unless it is your intention to exclude all members of a specific group and it is historically appropriate to do so....
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