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Do Dots - Series B Series A price is $0.55/share as...

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Week 7: March 9 Prepare a capitalization table for DoDots at the close of the Series A financing.* Prepare pro-forma cap tables under two different Series B scenarios: a) The original Chase term sheet on page 27 of the case; b) Inside round with Softbank as the lead investor * In the capitalization tables: Include pre-money and post-money valuation for each round, number of shares, share price and percentage ownership for each major shareholder. Founders can be included as a single class and Employees (non-founders) as a single class. Assume that the employee stock option pool is 20% at the Series A and the number of shares allocated at the Series A is sufficient and no new shares are added to the pool at
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Unformatted text preview: Series B. Series A price is $0.55/share as indicated in the note on Page 7 of the case Warrants may be excluded DoDots Discussion Questions: 1. How would you evaluate the founding team of DoDots? 2. DoDots has raised a large percentage of debt relative to equity for a start-up? Describe the different types of debt financing the company has in place prior to Series B. What are the pros and cons of debt financing for the company? Existing investors? New investors? 3. What are the options available to Medrano at the time of the case? If you were Medrano, what would you do and why? How important a factor is the warrant pricing issue related to the WTI debt?...
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