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I.D. # 001983840 – Bus 187 – Tidbit #10 Tidbit #10: “Mobile phone may have killed quarry worker.” Yahoo News, posted on 11/29/2007 http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/korea_phone_death_dc;_ylt=AmsO5ke0JrCUtN8afZHtlKYjtB AF Summary: A man was killed with a burning mobile phone on his chest. 33-year-old man was found dead with a burning mobile phone on his chest. The doctor and the related officers are concluding that the exploring of the mobile phone caused the death. The doctor that examines the victim stated that victim has burns on his chest, fractured ribs and internal bleeding. Officials stated that it will take them at least 10 days to find out exactly what cause the death. Personal Analysis: This news is related to the international business because the mobile phone market has been growing very fast and not giving any sign to slow down. Reuters stated that
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Unformatted text preview: worldwide mobile phone subscribers have reached to 50 percent of the world population. 3.3 billion people are using mobile phones. As the users of mobile phones rises the death caused by mobile phone is rising also. Is the mobile phone producing companies so focused on penetrating the market and making profit that they do not think of the risks? There seems to be thousands of phones coming out but none seem to have real effective regulations on the safety. Maybe after this incident proves to be true, that the death was caused by mobile phone, people will think differently. It is time to make safer mobile phones. There should be organizations that tests and regulates the phones for use. Profit is good for the company but people should come first....
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