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AASPOL - Exam 5 Notes

AASPOL - Exam 5 Notes - Chapter 12 Irish claimed that their...

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Chapter 12 Irish claimed that their white skin entitled them to distance themselves from blacks & lay claim to full American citizenship o English laws & political mandated that farmers export most of the island’s grain & cattle, leaving the people diet of potatoes (1845 Potato Crop) o 1 million people died & another million fled to the U.S, thus Irish migration The U.S government pursued the policy of removing Indians from the Southeast by treaty or by force (force them out of Florida into Indian Territory) o Treaty of Payne’s Landing – the federal government promised to give individual Indian cash, blankets, etc… for their lands o Osceola waged a war, the Second Seminole War, that lasted 7 years o Treaty Party of the Cherokee Nation – urged their people to give up their homeland & rebuild their nation in the west o Treaty Party agreed to sell Cherokee land to the federal government for $5 million Leaving established communities behind, some migrants challenged rigid definition of who was black, Indian, Hispanic, or European American. Moving from one place to another forced people to adopt new individual & group identities Panic of 1837 – large grain crops failed in the West. 1/3 of Americans lost their jobs when businesses failed o Andrew Jackson did not run for a third term, vice president Martin Van Buren was elected o Whig Party was formed by the Jackson-haters. Southern oppose to Jackson heavy use of national power, individual conviction not group should shape politics and society, in favor of the Second Bank of U.S. Boson journalist, William Lloyd Garrison launched The Liberator, a newspaper dedicated to immediate emancipation of all slaves o The abolitionist movement that slavery was immoral & the federal government must take immediate steps to destroy it o The society drew moral & financial support from northern communities of free people of color. They all showed a great deal of courage within a larger American society o Many people blamed Van Buren for the depression & the Whig promoted William Henry Harrison Nativists opposed immigration & immigrants. Samuel F.B Morse was convinced that Catholic immigrants (Irish) were a threat to American democracy o Catholics favored monarchical power over republican governments Horace Mann stressed the notion of a common school system available to all boys & girls regardless of class or ethnicity. American values: hard work, punctuality, and sobriety. o In the south, slave children were forbidden by law to read and write o In the north, many black households needed the labor of children to survive, resulting in black school attendance well below whites In 1836, the Texians wanted to press for independence from Mexico. By becoming a separate nation, they believed they could trade freely with the U.S, established their own schools, & collect and spend their own taxes o Republic of Texas (Lone Star Republic) Alamo defenders righting Mexican soldiers o
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