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Triandis (1996) What are cultural syndromes? Define Ethnocentrism. What is meant by “naïve realism?” Why does Triandis refer to “false consensus?” Triandis exemplifies seven cultural syndromes, define the following: Tightness Cultural Complexity Honor Collectivism Individualism Vertical and Horizontal Relationships What does studying a cultural syndrome do? Describe the four attributes that define collectivism and individualism. Meaning of Self Structure of Goals Norms and Attitudes Need of in-group or social exchange Be able to differentiate between Vertical and Horizontal Individualism and Collectivism.
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Unformatted text preview: Provide examples of national cultures that might be considered Vertical Individualism, Horizontal Individualism, Vertical Collectivism, and Horizontal Collectivism. How can we adequately describe a culture? What cultural syndromes would a homogenous society most likely have? What cultural syndromes would a heterogeneous society most likely have? Be able to understand Appendix A at the end of Triandis’ article: Four cultural patterns....
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