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GREENSHEET FOR CHEM291C Divisional Seminar (Sec. 01, code no. 23860) San Jose State University Location: DH 416 R 1630-1745 Instructor: Dr. Brooke Lustig Office: DH 417 Office Hours: M,T 1000-1045 Phone: 924-4968; Email: OVERVIEW: Help students develop oral presentation skills, focusing on the presentation of preliminary research seminars and other comprehensive oral presentations. Special attention will be given to answering and asking questions. Interaction with the instructor and other students is strongly encouraged. COURSE FORMAT: Each student will give at least one formal oral presentation (non- Preliminary presentation of 20-25 minutes is followed by at least 10 minutes of questions) during the course. Note: The other major presentation option, the Preliminary Seminar, has variable time-limits. If enough time slots are available, students will initially give a 10-15 minute short presentation of certain literature, comparable to the News and Views feature in the journal Nature. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING: Every student must present the aforementioned seminar(s), accounting for 50% of the final grade. Participation in the following question/discussion session is also required. An evaluation of such participation accounts for 50% of the final grade. Each student will be required to sign up at a specific time slot by 2/11 and any changes in this presentation date must be approved by the instructor, submitted with at least 2 weeks prior notice. Students will choose their specific topics and are responsible for selecting the appropriate literature references. Grading is based on a credit/no credit system.
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chem291Cs10grnsht1qa - GREENSHEET FOR CHEM291C Divisional...

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